Alternative Financing for Businesses

Alternative Financing for Businesses

Get the funding you need that your bank won’t provide

Discover how to boost your company without resorting to bank financing. At Alterfinance, we can guide you to obtain the best possible funding for each project.


*We accept USDT and Bitcoin BTC for monetization, offering excellent daily returns starting from 1.2 million.

*Sell your products to customers worldwide

Receive immediate payments in the operating account at Top European Banks


  •  Very low taxes starting from 0
  •  Credit facilities BC and credit
  •  Economic incentives on funds in the operating account / fixed term with low – medium and high profitability

Money in Minutes System


Platform with advanced technology and security that connects over 200 countries, allowing money transfers to Europe in minutes while preserving Compliance Standards for the Prevention of Economic Crimes.

Payment Gateway that streamlines E-commerce between clients (P2P) from different regions, territories, and countries.

It is the perfect combination of Crypto and bank accounts.

Funds are received in a bank account + USDT + BTC.

Facilitators present to the client – Personal Procedure.

Financing for Exporters

With only the SBLC presented by your clients.

Example: Presenting an 8 million Euros SBLC results in immediate financing.

Funds available within 10/15 days