All Service & Trade Company offers you all kinds of services related to export and import process, with custom clearance.
Below is a list of our services. Contact us if you need any specific services.

What We Do


We assist you in all export process.


We cover a wide variety of products from all over the world.


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We offer you all comprehensive advice on foreign trade operations.


Consulting and customs procedures


We are in charge of managing all the process.

Trading and brokerage

We are an advantage to reduce your search, negotiation and transactions in the purchase of your agricultural products, biofuels, energy products, plastics, feed ingredients, animal feed, fertilizers, chicken, lamb, beef, live animals, gold, agricultural machinery, machinery for road and works, fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood, frozen and many other products. We do this through our experience and business relationships to provide our clients with information and confidence on two factors. We also mediate with insurance, shipping and transportation companies to minimize risk and costs. We enthusiastically seek out and visit domestic and international suppliers and buyers to find new business opportunities as well as negotiate price, specifications, and delivery details. We connect Buyers and Suppliers based on origin and destination to maximize profitability by improving routing options.

Import and export

We are a leading export and import company that plays a dominant role in serving multiple industries to meet your needs. Our main export segments are agricultural products, minerals, cement, sugar, ethanol and other products from many countries. We make imports to serve the national industry to meet its requirements in terms of raw materials to manufacture finished products. After 3 decades of experience, we have acquired a combination of sharp negotiation skills, market intelligence, and a large network of diversified clients. That helps us to execute your order more efficiently and due to the long-time market presence and trading network allows us to quickly cross the order of clients in illiquid stocks.