Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat

Short Description

The Frozen Halal Buffalo Trimmings are the meat pieces that remain after the main cuts have been produced.


This buffalo cut extremely popular in China and Vietnam for preparing ground meat. This product is mainly used in winters by Asian countries as an ingredient for soup bowls and casserole recipes. Trimmings are usually packed in bulk in 20 kg packing. The buffalo trimmings are packed with the following nutrients:
? Low fat
? Omega 3 and Omega 6
? Vitamine B12
? Vitamine B6
? Iron.
Fab Agro smoothens the process of attaining the finest quality buffalo meat for its customers. Our accredited partners are renowned for exporting buffalo meat worldwide. The buffalo meat products are packed under the most hygienic conditions and are further stored in a cold repository.
Production Details:
? Fresh produce
? International cuts
? Frozien
? Individually Wrapped Packs
? Self brand packing avalable