Latex Gloves

Short Description
  • Fit to your hand shape like a second skin
  • Have a high level of touch sensitivity
  • Great choose for high-risk situations involving infectious material
  • Are affordable
  • Are biodegradable
  • The inside are lightly powdered so make it easier to put on
  • Are good for wearing for long-time use
  • Are very elastic and strong


Latex Gloves are a sort of disposable medical glove, made 100% out of latex and utilized for a range of home and industrial tasks. They are very strong and extremally durable against most chemical solutions.

In All Services and Trade we provide all types of gloves.

  • Uline exam grade latex gloves
  • Uline industrial latex gloves
  • Uline exam grade latex gloves w/ extended cuff
  • Uline black latex gloves
  • Uline tough grip latex gloves